Looking for a high-quality Shop-Vac? Ace Peel Hardware offers a superior selection of Shop-Vacs sure to keep your carpets, rugs and linoleum floors sparkling. From heavy-duty industrial/contractor series, to commercial Shop-Vacs, and lighter-weight wet/dry vacs for your home, you’ll find the perfect dirt buster to keep your space clean and dust free with us.

Why Choose our Vacuums?

When your home or storefront’s been freshly vacuumed, and cleaned properly, it shows. At Ace Peel Hardware, we understand that shopping for the right vacuum cleaner can be confusing, and often feel like more like a chore than a luxury. Our friendly hardware staff not only walk you through all the different functions and features of our Shop-Vacs, but we’re experts in exactly what kind of vacuums are best for specific flooring and clean up jobs.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Great for homes with lots of carpeting, the wet/dry Vacuums have extra-long cords that make it easy to vacuum large areas all in one shot, without having to constantly switch electrical outlets. Wet/dry vacuums are tall, heavy-duty vacuums ideal for your storefront or home that maneuvers easily on wheels.

Quiet, Portable Wet/Dry Vacs

If you’ve got a home with bare and carpeted floors, a quiet wet/dry vac works great for both. Designed more lightweight than heavy-duty Shop-Vacs, portable vacs are built to reach tight corner spots and under furniture easily. Quiet wet/dry vacs also come with additional accessories like a bristle head for carpets, extension wands and dust brushes for extra cleaning ease and versatility.

Heavy-duty Industrial/Contractor Shop-Vacs

Whether you need to lift layers of dust and residue from sandblasting and painting or your company moves from job site to job site in the oil field industry – our heavy-duty industrial Shop-Vacuums are available with self-cleaning filters, extra extension wands and hydraulic augers for easy dust discharge and excellent on-site performance.

To select from our full collection of best Shop-Vacs, visit us in-store! Stop by 10 Wiggins Road (formerly Brampton) or call us to order at: 905-838-4434.