Rubbermaid Containers

Looking for reliable Rubbermaid containers and products? Ace Peel Hardware offers a wide-array of Rubbermaid personal, commercial, garbage, and jumbo-sized storage containers for your convenience.

Whether you’re in need of FreshWorks containers to keep your fruits and veggies crisp or you’re cleaning up the garage and looking for storage bins, you’ll find all your Rubbermaid necessities with us.

Rubbermaid Products & Containers We Carry:

From the kitchen to your basement and bedroom, if you’re keen to organize your home with sleek and smart storage, our Rubbermaid products and containers are crafted for ultra-functionality and designed with the versatility to save you space while giving you the long-term storage solution you need.

Why Choose Our Rubbermaid Products?

At Ace Peel Hardware, we understand the need, not only, for fresh food storage containers that keep that dried-out taste at bay, but we know how convenient a wheeled storage box can be for hassle-free portability. Whether sturdy built-in handles, snap-on lids that stay tight and keep your content dry and dust-free, or stack able designs that enable easy, space-saving storage, our Rubbermaid containers give you the freedom to store a multitude of items while protecting them from outside elements.

If you have sports equipment, clothes, documents or need to keep other seasonal goods like Christmas and Halloween decorations safely stored until you need access again – Ace Peel Hardware has all the Rubbermaid products to make storage simple and easy to accomplish.

To select from our full collection of Rubbermaid styles and storage choices, visit us in-store! Stop by 10 Wiggins Road (formerly Brampton) or give us a call at order at: 905-838-4434.