Pyrex Glass & Dishes

Looking to pack your lunch with Pyrex glass dishes? At Ace Peel Hardware, we love the sturdy, easy-to clean Pyrex glassware and offer a wide-selection of heat-tempered glass for your convenient storage, baking, dessert and cooking needs. If you’re looking to update your range of culinary necessities with affordable yet durable, high-quality glassware, you’ll find them with us!

Pyrex Glassware We Carry

Whether you need to update your range of cookware with practical and affordable storage glass and dishes or you’re looking for oven-safe glassware that doesn’t absorb stains and odors – Pyrex dishes have been a reliable family name since 1915.

Why Choose our Pyrex Dishes?

At Ace Peel Hardware, we only carry most-popular, top quality Pyrex glassware so you can protect and transport your favorite edibles. Our collection varies in sizes and style to give the flexibility you need to find the best fit for your dinner leftovers, lunchtime portions, baking and cooking needs.

From storage containers that lock from all four sides to easy-grab containers great for keeping lasagna, meatloaf, veggies and more, all our Pyrex products excel at keeping air out and prevent your delicious meals from drying up or tasting stale the next day.

If you’re looking for containers that can stand the rigors of everyday living, Pyrex has been tested against dents and breaks and are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. We understand the nervousness that can come with trusting plastic containers, that’s why we only carry top-choice Pyrex glass dishes.

To select from our full collection, visit us in store! Stop by 10 Wiggins Road (formerly Brampton) or give us a call to order at: 905-838-4434.