Farm Animal & Livestock Feed

In order to provide your livestock with the best possible nutrition solutions, Ace Peel Hardware has partnered with Masterfeeds. A leading brand of feed in Canada, this range of farm animal feed is tailored to the specific needs of your livestock at all stages of development. The innovative formulations of Masterfeeds animal feed are designed by animal nutrition experts using high-quality ingredients to encourage the optimal health of your livestock.

We proudly supply specialty livestock feed and pet food to farmers and pet owners in Brampton, Caledon and the surrounding communities. At Ace Peel Hardware & Supply, you can rely on us for top-quality animal feed for a range of livestock and pets. Our selection includes:

Looking for a livestock feed store you can count on? Call or visit Ace Peel Hardware & Supply today to learn more about our line of Masterfeeds products and find out how we can help you choose the best animal feed solution for your unique needs.


Horse Feed – Masterfeeds Front Runner

Masterfeeds Front Runner horse feed provides equine nutrition solutions for all stages of your horse’s life. Growth and development, breeding, lifestyle and easy keepers, training and performance, plus senior and special needs feeding are all available with proven, effective equine nutrition solutions.

Goat Feed & Sheep Feed – Masterfeeds Goalmaker

Masterfeeds Goalmaker goat feed and sheep feed understands a properly balanced ration is the first step toward maximizing production and health in your goat and sheep herds. Accurate forage analysis will allow one of our ruminant nutritionists to build a nutrition program that will provide your herd with the required nutrients to achieve your production goals.

Chicken Feed & Poultry Feed – Masterfeeds Heritage

Masterfeeds Heritage chicken feed and poultry feed is a balanced, quality product backed by results. We are proud feed suppliers of some of the most successful chicken, turkey and duck producers across Canada.

Cattle Feed – Beef Program – Masterfeeds Performa

Masterfeeds Performa Beef Program™ cattle feed is designed to help Canadian cattlemen achieve optimum gain and profitability targets. Whether it’s in the show ring, on the ranch or in the feedlot, Masterfeeds beef feeds are research-backed with results.

Cattle Feed – Dairy Program – Masterfeeds Summit

The Masterfeeds Summit Dairy Program cattle feed products are backed by leading research and continual development. We take great pride in the performance benchmarks our customers achieve through best feeding practices.

Pig Feed – Masterfeeds Vigor

Masterfeeds Vigor pig feed provides a full range of complete feeds, supplements, and swine premix products for hog performance. All of our products are developed from continual swine nutrition research and are designed to meet the demands of today’s Canadian swine herd.

Lake Country Country Line

Lake Country products are available exclusively at participating Co-op locations and Country Depots in Ontario. You will also find Masterfeeds products at these locations.

Dog & Cat Food – Masterfeeds Pet Food

Masterfeeds Pet Food has been carefully formulated to offer ingredients that support the good health of dogs and cats, while continuing to be one of the best values for the dollar in the Canadian pet food marketplace.