Household Cleaning Products

Looking for the best cleaning products for your home? Ace Peel Hardware has a huge selection of household cleaning products. From kitchen sanitizers to all-purpose sprays, carpet, floor and even drain and septic cleaning supplies, we understand the need for proper disinfectants!

Cleaning Products We Carry:

Why Choose Our Cleaning Products?

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, doing an all-out kitchen cleanse, searching for the optimal glass cleaner or simply removing stinky pet odor, Ace Peel Hardware can help. Our friendly staff members get how messy and dirty your home can feel after a week or two of no time to clean.

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to re-sanitize after a massive Christmas party or simply looking to keep your home dirt and stain free. Our friendly staff members know the work and effort it takes to get deep cleaning done. We invite you to come in and stock up on household cleaning products, take care of accidental spills, dust, mildew, shower stains and or carpet messes with the right cleaning products.

Ace Peel Hardware boasts competitive prices and carries top-tier trusted brands like: Lysol, Windex, Clorex, Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol, Comet, Pledge, Shout and more!  Come by Wiggins Road in Caledon (formerly Brampton) or give us a call for more information at: 905-838-4434.