Home Insulation

Looking for reliable, top-quality home insulation? Ace Peel Hardware offers excellent wall/ceiling insulation and foam installation options. From minor living room fixer-uppers to bigger basement insulation jobs, you’ll find a wide-array of professional spray foams, foam boards and loose-fill fiberglass insulation options to choose from.

Why Choose Our Home Insulation Products?

Whether you’re looking for a simple window & door foam sealant, a strong pest blocker or you’re on the market some foam board insulation, our expert staff members will guide you through our products and help select what’s best for you.

Ace Peel Hardware understands the need for reputable, effective insulation products that help protect your home from garage and outside noises, cold and moisture seepage. Crafted with best-in-class materials, our insulation solutions are easy to implement and assure long-lasting results.

Spray Foam Insulation

Great for even the tiniest of nooks and crannies, our foam insulation compounds, once sprayed and dried, creates a sealant so tight it will seem like your insulation was always part of your wall. Perks of using a spray include: flame retardant, 100% water-blown and emits no harmful gasses once cured.

Fiberglass Insulation

Quick to install, allergy-friendly and energy efficient, our fiberglass insulation options are excellent for containing sounds from the attic and between walls. Perks of using fiberglass include: effective noise control from the family entertainment room, your garage and your kitchen. Loose-fill fiberglass insulations are also made from virgin fiberglass, meaning no chemicals or additives to irritate allergies.

To select from our full insulation products, pop by our store! Visit our friendly insulation experts at 10 Wiggins Road (formerly Brampton) or call us at: 905-838-4434.