Looking for a pair of Dickies work pants? Gear up like a pro with Ace Peel Hardware. We offer top quality Dickies pants, jackets, overalls and workwear so you can work hard and play hard. Whether you’re closing deals at the office or leading on a job site, you’ll find a great collection of men’s cargo pants, double-knee pants, carpenter jeans and workwear pants to choose from.

Dickies We Carry:

Why Choose Our Dickies?

Ace Peel Hardware only carries top-quality construction and comfortable-fit Dickies Workwear. Our collection ranges in cut and style and gives you the flexibility to find the best fit for you. Crafted with durable fibers, Dickies work pants are sturdy yet breathable so you can stay working and comfortable all day.

Whether you’re needing a new Dickies jacket to brave the cold or overalls to weather a tough outdoor job site, our experienced staff members will educate and help you select from regular fits, modern looks or more a laid back appearance. We understand how important it is to wear clothes that give you that roomy, comfy feel while still upholding sustainable materials to ensure you’re always in good shape. Let us help you find the right pair of paints to fit your lifestyle!

To select from our full collection, visit us in-store. Stop by 10 Wiggins Road (formerly Brampton) or give us a call to order at: 905-838-4434.