Chicken Coops for Sale

Searching for the best chicken coops Canada has to offer? Ace Peel Hardware & Supply offers an excellent range of stationary and movable chicken coops that are both attractive and highly functional. Your coop will not only look great, it will provide protection and warmth to your chickens so they can lay their eggs in comfort.

Our chicken coops for sale are available in a number of styles and colours to complement the look of your home or other buildings on your property. Choose from a traditional board and batten chicken coop, or opt for a coop made of highly durable and water resistant Duratemp siding for unmatched protection against all kinds of weather. No matter which style or size of chicken coop you are searching for, you can count on Peel Hardware & Supply to bring you the high quality options you need to protect your animals.

Choosing the Right Chicken Coop

If you have decided to add chickens to your farm or backyard, you’ll have to select an appropriate coop to meet the needs of your chickens. First, consider how many birds you would like to house. This will dictate the size of not only the interior of the coop, but also the outdoor run. You should also research the breed of chickens you are considering to take into account any of their specific needs for space.

Next, think about safety. A safe and secure chicken coop should have excellent protection against potential predators. Think about what types of animals live in your area and what type of coop you will require to keep them out, and your chickens out of harm’s way. At Ace Peel Hardware, we can assist you in choosing the perfect coop for your needs.

To see our stylish chicken coops for sale in person, visit Peel Hardware at 10 Wiggins Road in Caledon (formerly located in Brampton)! Or, give us a call at 905-838-4434 to inquire about any of our available chicken coops.